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Growing up in Ghana, music was always a big part of my life. I discovered my love for music at the age of 11 when I was still living there. I would spend my time back then listening to my favorite artist lost boys, MC Lyte, 2pac, Ja Rule, DMX and lots of Jamaica music.


Growing up in Africa, the culture was rooted in Hip Hop. We spent a lot of time listening to dope music and watching videos. This was the point when my inspiration for music pushed me to start writing. I loved the way that Hip Hop could tell a story and bring people together. It was an amazing form of communication that I wanted to be a part of. I would sit and listen to music for hours on my Walkman and just write. Listen to my new Afrobeats and Amapiano Music hits. On all your music outlets.

Video Music

 When I was around the age of 20, I began auditioning for events around Africa. One of these events was the Miss Ghana Pageant, and I actually won it! While I didn't win the top spot, my experience there led to me being offered my first recording contract. It was from that opportunity that I realized how important it was for me to have my own money - so that I could fund my music career independently. Music has always been my life, and the only person I ever wanted to depend on was myself.


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